2017 London Acting Training Directory

Where to train to become an actor and/or get experience?

Aspiring actors who just moved to London, or looking to move to London and want to know where to train as an actor are often overwhelmed by all the opportunities and choices available in the one of the world’s capital of stage and film training. Questions that we often receive are:

  • What are the best drama school in London, and how do they fair against each other?
  • What acting classes are available in London and what courses do they offer?
  • Are there any free drama clubs in London to get some acting experience and meet actors?

One of the first walls aspiring actors hit is not knowing where to train, and which acting classes or drama schools to pick based on their experience and/or goals. Trying to research this is not always easy, and once you start, the overwhelming amount of choices creates a huge headache.

To make the research part of London acting training choices much easier for budding actors, we’ve created a huge resource that encompasses ALL places to train as an actor or simply get your first-hand experience in acting – all in one big list.

2017 London Acting Training Directory (£4.99)
A total of 117 places to train as an actor in London!

London Acting Training Directory 2017

Easily find where to train as an actor in London and compare your options.

This concise book lists every single school, institution, university and even small drama clubs that offer some type of acting training.

2017 London Acting Training Directory_final_coverHere’s exactly what you’ll find here:

  • 15 London Drama Schools
  • 31 London Acting Schools and Classes
  • 9 London Universities (that offer acting training)
  • 62 Drama and Acting Clubs

With so many choices of acting training available in London, having this resource on hand will make it much easier for you to find a desirable acting class or drama school based on your own preferences.

You’ll be able to pick a place to study based on your location, level of experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced) or your goals: do you want evening classes, full 3-year degree, or just get acting experience and meet other actors (and pay little to nothing for it)?

Drama Schools List

Every single school, class, club and university are listed with the most important details. The details include:

  • Name of the school and its description
  • Exact address, phone number, email address
  • Website(s), social media accounts and contacts
  • Courses and their levels

On the right, you can see an example page from the book.

Why aspiring actors need this list?

This resource makes it much easier for actors to research their future acting training options, picking drama schools or choosing acting classes based on their action plan for training as an actor.

By having all acting classes and drama schools in one place, you can easily compare them to each other and decide where to start and what fits your needs better.

More good news: we’ll be updating this book periodically with new acting classes and schools, or renewing information on the old ones, and anybody who purchased the first edition of the book will receive the updated version for free (simply emails us your receipt when a new edition is released).

When you buy this book, you have to support the Acting in London site and allow us to provide more free content – and for that, we THANK YOU!

Get the book here:
2017 London Acting Training Directory (£4.99)

London Acting Training Directory 2017

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