Acting for Beginners Guide

Acting for Beginners Guide is a completely FREE, extensive online book guide from the team at Acting in London which covers the pursuit of acting career and will help budding artists to begin their journey.


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The Very Beginning

  1. How to Start an Acting Career
  2. Business Plan for Your Acting Career
  3. Best Locations for Acting in UK and US
  4. How Much Acting Career is Going to Cost
  5. How to Fund The Pursuit of Your Dream

An Actor’s Dictionary – All Acting Terms

Acting Tools

  1. Acting Headshots
  2. Acting CV / Resume
  3. Showreels / Demo Reels



Basics of Actors’ Training

  1. What Acting Training Can You Acquire
  2. How to Become a Professional Actor Without a Degree
  3. Drama School vs. University for Acting
  4. Acting Schools or Drama Schools

Formal Training

  1. Overview of Drama School Training
  2. What to Know Before Applying to Drama School
  3. How to Apply to Drama School
  4. How to Finance Your Acting Training
  5. Drama School’s Auditioning Process
  6. When the Results Are In, What’s Next
  7. When You’re Studying at Drama School
  8. Final Year: Your Drama School Showcases

Acting Schools

  1. Overview of Training in Acting Schools
  2. 10 Most Popular Types of Acting Classes

Additional Training

  1. Private Acting Coaching
  2. Improvisation Training



Talent Agents

  1. How to Get an Agent 101
  2. How to Write a Cover Letter to Your Agent
  3. What Are Agents Looking for in Actors
  4. How to Approach Acting Agents
  5. How to NOT Get an Acting Agent
  6. Don’t Stress About Getting a Talent Agent
  7. What You Need When Signing With an Agent

Acting Industry

  1. Preparation for the Acting Industry’s Jobs
  2. First Steps to Start a Professional Acting Career
  3. A Professional Actor’s Start-up Kit
  4. Types of Acting Jobs and Other Acting Opportunities


This free acting for beginners guide assists all aspiring actors in their journeys towards becoming successful. The guide is focused on helping you becoming a working actor in the entertainment business in London, Los Angeles, New York or any other city and provides the most essential information on how to get started.

Using this free online resource, all aspiring artists can easily learn how to become an actor with no experience and glean wisdom from those who have been down the path before. This acting guide is constantly updated with current advice and regularly expanded to provide more in-depth, completely free information.

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