Now let’s discuss drama school auditions, their processes and structures. I assume that plenty of people would still like to take a shot at any of the accredited drama schools from the top 15 list of best drama schools in UK.

drama school auditions

Drama School Auditions

Before you even try to apply and go through all those drama school auditions, make sure you’ve chosen the right drama school for you. That means researching every one of them from those lists I provided, preferably ordering or looking online through all of their prospectuses and any other relevant information. Read reviews, talk to people who are studying there — you can always find them on Facebook. And most importantly, even though I mention graduates of those schools on every one of those lists, make sure not to be drawn to any places because of their alumni; it’s not about them anymore, it’s about you. Plus, it’s probably been quite a long time since they’ve graduated, things might have changed.

Drama School Auditions — When to Apply?

Obviously, the sooner the better, if you are ready. However, that is just for the peace of your own mind, because it won’t up your chances of getting in, not by any stretch of imagination. The best way to find out is call or email the school and discuss it with them, but as long as you don’t miss the deadline, you’ll be fine.

If you feel not being ready for drama school auditions, but you can afford to pay for an audition (usually around £100) and for the trip there, then go for it anyway. The worst case scenario is you don’t get accepted, but you get experience out of it, you’ll see what the whole process is like and then you can apply next year. So in case you really don’t go past drama school auditions, any of them, spend that year practicing your craft, working on student films, doing any other training that I listed in how to get into acting article and visiting acting classes if you can afford. DO NOT apply for a University course if you had your mind set onto a drama school — believe that you can do it!

Drama School Auditions — Multiple Drama Schools?

Yes please! Apply to as many drama schools as you can if you can afford travelling to every audition and paying for it. The more you apply to, the bigger your chances of getting in (forgive me for stating the obvious). Your chances of getting accepted will mostly depend on how well you will do at your audition, and not whatever you’ve done before. Obviously, if you had some really great training and performing experiences from various theatres and communities, that might count for something, otherwise don’t worry about anything and just concentrate on drama school auditions process.

drama school auditions

Drama School Auditions — What Are They Looking For?

An answer to this most popular question you can usually find on drama school websites — they try to help their future students as much as they possibly can. Another option is to talk to other people who have studied, are studying or tried to get into those drama schools  (you have contacted them before even applying, right?) Generally, tutors at drama school auditions are looking for things like “good improvisational skills and ability to be spontaneous”, “ability to stay within the character in the imagined world”, “ability to really connect with your character”, etc. If you practice, if you have a little bit of talent, then you are very likely to succeed. If you also throw enough confidence in whatever you are doing at drama school auditions, then you are definitely going to succeed. Just be in the moment.

Drama School Auditions — To Sum Up…

That about covers in short drama school auditions part. I’m not going to get into much greater detail, as I’m leaving  that for another article to make it easier for you to understand. Try to read and absorb whatever is here, and then you can go onto the next one.

Hopefully these drama school auditions tips were helpful enough for you, so let me know what you think.