Acting Coach London: Top 10 Best Options

Acting Coach London: Top 10

Actors can and should take various approaches to training, and those options include acting classes, workshops, drama schools and if you’re in London, then using the services of an acting coach London.

Private one-on-one tuition is something to consider, especially when you have an important audition ahead of you. London is famous for having some of the greatest acting teachers, and the acting coach London list will aim to bring you the top 10 of our recommended coaches in the city of London.

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Private acting coaching with some of the top acting coaches in London is different from your standard acting group classes. First of all, it’s much more expensive. Second, you will get 110% attention from your acting coach London, so the focus of that one hour class will be your acting, and your acting alone.

Now bear in mind that you should not be buying private tuition classes from acting coach London just out of the blue. This type of training with one of the best acting coach London list’s teachers is only necessary when preparing for a specific role and when you wish to eliminate some of your fears beforehand.

Private acting coach will usually work with you on your weaknesses and try to fix them. You will go through an imaginary audition process, and see what you might be doing wrong for that specific part. It’s all about the details and how to correct them. It’s highly beneficial, but it’s like antibiotics — take it only when you really need it!

Now take a look at our acting coach London list, pick someone and do extensive research before truly committing.

Acting Coach London: Top 10 Best Options

Quintin Norris

“I am an acting coach offering private coaching particularly for those preparing set pieces and exploring roles prior to auditions; students preparing for Drama School auditions or LAMDA / Guildhall examinations.  I am centrally and conveniently located in a relaxed and inspiring location in Fleet, Hampshire and work with people from all over the South East, particularly London, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.”


Rory Feeney

My name is Rory Feeney; I am a professional actor and acting coach with over 10 years combined experience in the entertainment industry. I regularly teach at various London Drama Schools and am extensively involved with the audition and selection process. I teach privately in London and will travel to any area of the country to work with my clients.


Dee Cannon

She works in London, Los Angeles, New York and throughout the world, in film, TV, theatre and pop videos. Her work as an acting coach includes auditions, readings, monologues, script breakdown, on set coaching and character development. She has also worked with top contemporary visual artists, world champion dancers, journalists, screenwriters and business people.


Katie Morgan

I am a professional actress working for theatre, TV, film and commercials. I also work as a freelance acting coach, teacher, director and writer. I am an associate member of The Factory Theatre Company, currently appearing in ‘The Odyssey’, directed by Tim Carroll.  work as an Acting Coach for feature films and short films. Most recently I have worked on ‘Animal Charm’, ‘Telemachy’, ‘Suzie Lovitt’ and ‘Kick Ass 2’.


Daniel Ainsleigh

In 1998, I graduated with distinction from the Webber Douglas Academy Of Dramatic Art, having completed their most comprehensive course, the 3 year Diploma in Classical Acting. Since then, I have worked consistently in Film, TV and Theatre. The bulk of my work has been in television, where I have been lucky enough to take lead roles in many of the nation’s favourite dramas.


Guy Retallack

Guy offers teaching, coaching, and professional development at all levels, whether you’re a beginner, or a highly experienced actor, to prepare you for an upcoming auditon, a new role, your entrance to drama school, or just because you want to! Guy will work with you to choose and prepare your audition speeches. Guy can guide you in cold reading, sight reading, script analysis, and character development, so that you have a clear, structured, methodical approach to your development as an actor.


Patrick Wilde

Patrick is a successful professional writer and director.  He gives one-to-one tuition to those auditioning for drama schools.  He runs workshops or one-on-one sessions on scripts for writers.  He coaches writing scripts for stage.  He coaches writing scripts for TV and film.  He is an acting coach, a public speaking coach, a presentation skills coach. Patrick offers one-to-one coaching or workshops for those trying to get into training, writers or actors in a brand new, purpose built studio and theatre complex near Central London.


Tilly Blackwood

We provide a service that is unparalleled, with a proven success rate for drama school applicants and actors who want to get back into a professional working environment. We offer a variety of acting classes from 121s, groups and workshops. These acting classes are designed to bring out the best in you, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.” You will have to inquire about private tuition, as it is not listed on their website nor is it offered to everybody. Speak to Tilly and she might agree to prep you.


Jude Alderson

Jude coaches privately and in small groups in Camden, London. Her experience as actor,
director and writer in both theatre and film, spans 35 years in the profession. She has developed a distinctive approach to acting training that releases and strengthens the actor. Her method has a high success rate in the industry.


Jon Campbell

My name is Jon Campbell and I’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. From the age of 14 I spent four seasons at the Manchester Youth Theatre. From there I travelled to London to embark on the 3 years Acting Course at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Upon leaving Central I pursued an acting career up and down the country in a variety of media. I then went on to form my own theatre company which was highly successful, being awarded three Time Out Critic’s Choice accolades in a single year. During that time I both directed and wrote for the company.


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Acting Coach London: Which acting coach is for you?

Pick one of these for your very special occasion — maybe that audition you have for a guest-star on Downton Abbey. Usually, it takes about 2-5 classes of private tuition to get where you want to get. Make sure that when you contact any of these teachers from our list of acting coach London, you have a specific reason for that. For general acting training, go for the usual group acting classes (find our lists below).

Do not waste your money thinking that one-on-one tuition is the same thing. It’s not. You go there to work on a specific goal, preparing for auditions, fixing your mistakes, getting rid of your weaknesses as an actor and so forth. Otherwise, attend acting classes London, because group training gives you an opportunity to work with a partner, to listen and react, to get feedback and stand in front of an audience. That will come to be more beneficial to you as a budding actor.

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You can find regular advice articles posted almost every day on — you’ll find some information that will come to benefit you in the future. If you believe there’s an acting coach that should have been included in our list, please do not hesitate to drop us their name using our contacts form. We would like to provide the best possible acting coach London list for our fellow thespians.