Placebo: 16 Super Motivational Videos for Actors

Placebo 16 Super Motivational Videos for Actors

Placebo 16 Super Motivational Videos for Actors

Here’s the truth: motivational videos for actors will not always work. You must have the right mindset, and be open to accept the meaning behind empty words from overly optimistic people. Efficacy of motivational videos have no scientific proof, and some of them are nothing more than digital pep talks from Tony Robbins type “inspirational preachers” who try to artificially enhance your emotional state. But there are two things that you need to remember: they speak the truth, and they provide you with the placebo effect.

Our decision making is deep-rooted in psychology of the mind. Sometimes, we create non-existent obstacles for ourselves as a way to avoid hard work. Motivational videos for actors help to breach those obstacles, even if done synthetically and through manipulation of your sense of worth. Let’s talk about the Placebo Effect for a minute. Do you know why placebos work? It’s because our mind is such an extremely powerful driving force, and it poses a substantially positive impact on people who give into them.

Studies have shown that in some cases, placebo can be even more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. Here’s a good meta-review of studies on placebo (and references therein). You want something more specific? Unfortunately, science hasn’t come to study actors yet, but here’s another one on the improvements and positive effects of music and video intervention with athletes, and how these things help them push harder. Do videos give athletes more strength? No. It’s the mind that does. Now if you can sustain that state, and maintain your mindset that’s been fired up, then you can get the same results for almost anything you wish to accomplish.

Motivational speeches work the same way, but they have to be well-structured and fall into certain criteria to hit your buttons. One of the best motivational books for actors is [easyazon_link asin=”097927110X” locale=”UK” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”discdeals07-21″ add_to_cart=”no” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”no”]How to Get Arrested: A Motivational Story for Actors Breaking Into Hollywood[/easyazon_link] – this is something every actor must read at least once, but it’s smart to have it on your bookshelf, too. We’ve already had it on our top five best books on acting business list.

Will Smith used the exact same thing to keep pushing himself towards success. So why not give this a shot? Let your analytical mind rest for a second. Don’t try to break it down to find the negative in here; simply believe what the preachers preach and track the results. Use these motivational videos for actors to get inspired, pumped-up, motivated and ready to pursue your passion, your dream acting career job, leaving obstacles excuses behind. Here you have 16 best motivational videos for actors that are guaranteed to get your heart beating faster and spike up your desire to accomplish something right now.

Placebo: 16 Super Motivational Videos for Actors

Before you watch, try to focus and listen actively. Follow the words and the meaning behind them. Do not mindlessly consume these pep talks – find ways how you’re going to apply it, and do so immediately.

Jim Carrey: “The Power of Consciousness”

Will Smith: “Be somebody”

Oscars Roundtable


Kevin Spacey: “There is no prize out there”

Watts, Hulse, Rogan: “What’s your passion?”

Brown, Thomas, Smith: “Dream”

Denzel Washington: “Dreams and Goals”


Dustin Hoffman: “Secret of Success”

Joe Rogan: “Be the hero of your own movie”

Thomas, Brown: “Quiet Desperation”

 Jim Carrey: “The Meaning”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “6 Rules of Success”

Joe Rogan: “Adversity is what makes you”

Will Smith: “The Secret to Success”

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