22 Best Headshot Photographers in London

Best headshot photographers in London for actors to tryOnce you start auditioning for roles, you’ll need to have your “actor’s marketing kit” prepared and ready. This includes three most important pieces: your actor CV/resume, your acting headshots, and – if you have it – your acting showreel/demo reel. Finding the best headshot photographers in London is crucial.

Why? Making sure you get good quality acting headshots is absolutely essential to your success. For you as an actor, your headshot(s) will be your calling card, one of many important – if not the most important – ways to get yourself noticed and get attention of casting directors to call you in for an audition.

When it comes to film acting, very often a role can be cast simply if you have the right look, even if you’re average in terms of your acting skills; therefore, getting good headshots taken by some of the bests headshot photographers in London is as important as having solid acting training, resume and show reel.

If you have good quality, professional looking headshots, you will:

  • Attract more auditions
  • Get attention from casting directors
  • Have easier time finding a talent agent to sign you
  • Your casting website profile will stand out more

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Headshot prices in London vary considerably. The very best headshot photographers in London that have an established reputation will cost more. Some will also offer a hair and makeup service as part of a special package, whereas others do not.

I recommend reading this article on getting your headshots done for more tips. And to help you pick some of the best headshot photographers in London, we have created a well-researched list of whom we believe are some of the top people around London offering a variety of prices and packages.

* Please note that these are listed in no particular order (this is not “from best to worst list”).

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22 Best Headshot Photographers in London

Where to take acting headshots in London

1. Nick James Photography

Firstly, let’s get the not so great thing out of the way – Nick is not cheap compared to other photographers, but, his headshots are outstanding and he does take a lot of photos for you to choose from. He offers two different packages to choose from.

The standard package is priced at £425 GBP and lasts up to three and a half hours, includes over 800 photos to choose from, two of which can be retouched and you can change your clothes as often as you like between takes.

The shorter session costs £320 GBP and lasts for two and a half hours, 400 photos are taken of which two can also be retouched. Nick also offers extras such as a hair and beauty package.


2. Kirill Kozlov Photography

Kirill’s gallery has some amazing examples of the photos he takes and he also has a variety pf different packages on offer that pretty much suit all budgets. His basic package starts at £150 GBP and lasts one hour with 100 photos taken.

The pro package is the most expensive at £300 GBP and he has a few other packages in the middle. Kirill has developed a good reputation for his work, has had fantastic feedback from clients and he is definitely worth considering.


3. Headshot London

Just as the name suggests this company specialises in headshot photography for both individuals and corporates.

Their style and flair is outstanding but the only complaint we have is the fact that each ‘package’ is priced upon request depending on how many photos you want taken, how many you want at the end, how many clothes changes, if you require retouching work and so forth.

The good thing about this is that you will have a tailormade package to suit you and apparently, the company do offer basic set packages as well. These prices start from around £250 GBP from what we have been told.


4. Michael Wharley Photography

Michael is an award-winning photographer that focuses on working in the entertainment industry. Therefore, he has a very good idea of professional standards expected regarding headshots and he has worked with a host of famous actors and still continues to do so.

He has three headshot packages on offer which will suit all budgets and he has earned himself a great reputation amongst his clients.


5. M.A.D Photography

When looking for value for money this company is the place to go. They offer special rates for students and if you attend with another student the shoot will only cost you both 95GBP each.

The quality of the pictures are very good and Jeff Shankley (the photographer) is very well known in the industry for his photographic work.


6. Alan Howard Photography

Alan has worked in the world of film and is very well known in the industry. He focuses only on photography in the industry itself and his packages are some of the most competitive around.

He offers a shared package from as little as £150 GBP and his deluxe package is priced at £250 GBP. Alan states that “I use natural light, real locations and a filmic grade for a TV/movie production still look. Casting directors want to see something real”.


7. Kim Hardy Photography

Kim knows more than most about the life of an actor as he studied acting at the London Central School of Speech and Drama and still works as an actor today.

He also offers a wide range of fair priced packages and his portfolio is impressive and creative.


8. Vanity Studios

Vanity studios offer a great package that includes hair and make-up for only £125 GBP.

The session lasts for one and a half hours and includes two digital images of your choice from the shots taken.


9. Henry Harrison

Henry states that he focuses on simple, strong and contemporary headshots. He charges £145 GBP for a session that will include a one hour photoshoot with the choice of 6 digital images.

He will also send you the complete set of photos taken on the same day as your shoot in order for you to decide which ones you wish to choose.


10. Stoneshoot Photography

Stoneshoot specialise in headshots to be used on casting websites.

Prices start at only £75 GBP and there are two studio venues for you to choose from.


11. David Yiu

David has been a photographer for over 10 years and he offers a variety of different packages as well as the option of using a hair and makeup expert for your shoot.


12. London Professional Photographer

This company allows you to choose from a shoot in a studio or outside at a venue of your choice.

Prices vary depending on what you want but the packages are reasonable and the company gallery shows some stunning headshot images.


13. John Clark

Stated to be one of the most experienced headshot photographers in the UK he specialises in casting headshots for actors seeking work in Film, TV and Theatre.

He offers a one-and-a-half-hour session for £250 GBP.


14. Studios4U

Studios4U claim to be the cheapest headshot photographers in London and do offer a one hour package for £25 GBP or £50 GBP if you require hair and makeup as well.

Be aware that these packages only include one digital photo and you have to pay if you want more.


15. Kodakexpress

Kodakespress claim to offer high quality headshots for actors and performers at some of the best prices in London.

The initial photo session is free and then you have to pay for the images that you want.


16. Claire Newman Williams

Claire is one of the better known headshot photographers in London however her basic package starts at £340 GBP which is quite steep.

Her photography is amazing though and she has a lot of experience in the industry.


17. Roger Connolly Photography

Roger is slightly different as he will come to your own home to do your photoshoot.

For information on his various packages and pricing within the London area visit his website.


18. Vincenzo Photography

Vincenzo is very experienced at taking headshots and has taken headshots of many leading actors and actresses.

Vincenzo offers an all-inclusive package for £230 GBP or an all-inclusive package and a portfolio shoot for £300 GBP.


19. Simon Mayhew

Simon is based in Lecister Square and he is quite unique in the way that he takes all of his headshot photographs outside.

Simon is also working as an agent and works with a lot of casting directors. He is very experienced in working with film and theatre performers and actors.


20. John Holloway

Jon offers stunning headshot photos at a wide range of different prices for both men and women and he has photographed hundreds of well known actors and actresses from around the UK.

He is well known in the acting industry.


21. Image 1st

This company are based in London and have studios in Miami and Berlin as well.

They are very competitive regarding pricing and the packages they offer, one of which also includes hair and makeup. Each package also comes with a CD of all your images as well.


22. Sheila Burnett

Sheila Burnett has had over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry as a headshot photographer, and can offer advice on hair, make up, casting and everything related to this line of work. All sessions include an indoor and outdoor shoot at her W9 studio which is 20 mins from the West End.

She has 3 headshot packages: Business express rate £120, Pro rate for Actors £250, Pro rate for Students £200

Sheila has had the pleasure of working with actors like Damian Lewis, Imelda Staunton, Caroline Quentin, Jim Carter, Jon Culshaw, Matthew Lewis, Simon Pegg and many more.


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