30 Best “How to Get into Acting” Videos on YouTube

Best Acting Videos on YouTube

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We get many emails from people wanting to know how to get into acting. However, Internet itself is a great resource for that: it’s the source of knowledge, training, time wasting and motivation for actors. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that are aimed to help young actors start acting by educating them, providing tips and advice, and inspiring budding actors to take action.

We have previously covered some good video material for actors, such as the best TED talks on acting and the most motivational videos for actors. I suggest you peruse those whenever you need some inspiration to get out and keep struggling, or need some good advice on creativity, imagination and storytelling.

In the meantime, if you’re still trying to figure out how to get into acting and pursue this career, and you’ve read the books on the acting business and those on the acting craft (or ordered them and waiting for the books to arrive), I urge you to stop watching those addictive cat and puppy videos on YouTube and instead, watching something more useful.

I’ve done a lot of research to find some of the best videos on how to get into acting that provide really good and actionable advice for aspiring thespians. Below you will find the list of the best 30 picks that we think are the most useful for anybody wanting to become an actor.

Bottom line is that here on Acting in London, we love sharing all kinds of resources – good, bad and ugly, as long as they may help you at least a bit in learning about the craft and the business of acting. Now, enjoy!

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30 Best How to Get into Acting Videos on YouTube

How to Get Into Acting Videos on YouTube

Credit: Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock, Inc.

1. Kerry Beyer
“How to Get into Acting”

Kerry Beyer will tell you about the hardest part, – how to start your acting career, how to find the right school and how not to get fooled by a lot of people who are there only to get your money.

Watch the full video here


2. TipsOnActing
“How To Get Into Acting In Los Angeles From the UK, Australia or Any Other Place”

Los Angeles based casting agent gives advice to thousands of her European followers about how they can audition to Hollywood films living so far away from LA.

Watch the full video here


3. Wendy Alane Wright The Hollywood Talent Manager
“16 Steps To Start An Acting Career – The BEST Damn Tutorial EVER! Talent Manager Advice.”

Wendy Alane gives the basic information on how to prepare for auditioning. She has 16 great pieces of advice from hard training to behaving yourself during the auditions itself.


4. Uosof Ahmadi
“How To Get Into Acting (Part 1)”

In this video Uosof Ahmadi will tell you about the ways he learnt acting. If you are looking for some textbooks about acting then this video is perfect for you.

Watch the full video here


5. Aisa Kemp
“Acting Tips: How to Get Started”

A very funny and eccentric woman Aisa Kemp will tell you about the first steps getting acting career started.

Watch the full video here


6. WaysAndHow
“How to Become an Actor with no Experience – Video Tutorial”

It is very well made video about the reality and difficulties of becoming and being an actor. It will also make you finally realize that being an actor isn’t as easy as it seems on the screen,

Watch the full video here


7. Sonya Esman
“Quick Acting Exercise : Emotions!”

Sonya will give you probably one of the most useful information about how to act different…emotions and how not to lose emotions after doing the same scene again and again.


8. Sonya Esman
“How To Get An Agent (Acting)”

In this video Sonya will tell you about one of the most important and hardest things about becoming an actor, – finding an agent.

Watch the full video here


9. Sonya Esman
“Come With Me To My “Audition”!”

Here Sonya is sitting in her car and nervously waiting for her auditioning that is going to start soon. She will tell you what things she is going to take with her: from the amount of money to clothing.

Watch the full video here


10. One Source Talent
“One Source Talent | Auditioning Tips | What To Expect At Your First Audition”

In this video, Angie from One Source Talent explains what you can expect when you land an audition. Landing an audition is one of the most exciting times for an actor. However, it can be quite stressful the first time around.

Watch the full video here


11. actingislitmylife
“What NOT to Do at an Audition!”

There are a lot of people who will tell you about what to do at an audition, that’s why this video is very unique, as it tells you what NOT to do there.


12. IrisChairmane
“Selena Gomez’s First Disney Channel Audition Full Video”

This video will not overwhelm you with a lot of information. It is just a very practical and cute video of how someone famous like Selena Gomez did her first audition for Disney.

Watch the full video here


13. Paris Anderson
“How To Get Into Acting And Modeling”

In this video that is more like a long text you will have detailed explanation about increasing your chances of getting into acting and modeling work, getting an agent,
working on a film and working on TV commercials, getting an audition and interview, and making money as an actor and model.

Watch the full video here


14. Seán James Sutton
“Being a Film Actor: Getting into Acting”

An actor and an acting coach will give you some tips about how newcomers can get into acting with advice on how to get started as a film actor.

Watch the full video here


15. Seán James Sutton
“Being a Film Actor: Intimate Auditions for Actors”

In this video Sean will tell you about one of the hardest things to do for young actors – intimate scenes during the auditions.


16. Seán James Sutton
“Being a Film Actor: Arrogant Actors”

In this part of his series of videos about acting, Sean will tell you about different ways of how not to fail an audition and how not to annoy the director.

Watch the full video here


“How to Get Into Acting & Modelling (Get an Agent)”

Young actress and model Britt talks about her experience of becoming an actress and she has some useful tips about getting the right agent.

Watch the full video here


18. fetusbabe
“How to get into Animation and Voice Acting Communities!!!”

A lot of people want to become actors, but there are some who are passionate about voice acting. This video is for them!

Watch the full video here


19. Big Think
“How do you get into character?”

An experienced acting professor Anna Deavere Smith will tell you about how actors can get into their characters.


20. Kevin Baker
“Acting: How To Get Into Character”

In this video you will find a professional actor Richard Carr Rousseau’s (Isolation 119) techniques for getting into character for a film role.

Watch the full video here


21. Wendy Alane Wright The Hollywood Talent Manager
“HEY KIDS!!! How can us KIDS get into acting?”

Being an actor is a dream not only for some grown-ups, but also for kids, so in this video Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright teaches kids how they can get started in acting.

Watch the full video here


22. Wendy Alane Wright The Hollywood Talent Manager
“Get off your ASS and start your acting career. no more DOUBTS!!”

There is this stereotype that all actresses should be pretty, so in this video Wendy Alane Wright will tell you that you were wrong and how to finally make your dream come true.

Watch the full video here


23. Emma Rayne Lyle
“How I Got Into Acting & Became an Actress | Emma Rayne Lyle”

This very funny, informative and inspiring video is about a young girl who became a very successful actress and is now sharing her tips.

Watch the full video here


24. Roger Kern
“Getting Into Acting With No Experience”

Roger Kern shares his top secrets about acting that he has learnt over the past 35 years of being an actor. This video is for those who have never acted before but suddenly realized that they want to become actors.


25. WhatsHot ATL
“George Pierre & Terri J. Vaughn: How to get into Acting”

George Pierre, casting director of Pierre Casting, talks with us about what a casting director does, how to get in front of a casting director and the do’s/don’t of being in the casting room. Terri J. Vaughn, speaks with him about her role as Lavita on The Steve Harvey television show, what it takes to be an actor, how to get into acting, and classes she offers.

Watch the full video here


26. Voices of the World
“How to get into character when acting (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett)”

Here you’ll find another great video from Hainsley Lloyd Bennett about the ways of getting into the character.

Watch the full video here


27. MasterTalentTeacher1
“Theatre and Acting Workshop: Preparing a Scene, Part 1”

Preparing a scene for an audition is not an easy job. In this video you’ll find some great tips and examples on of how to do it.


28. TipsOnActing
“Tips For An Audition: Why Casting Directors Secretly Sigh When Actors Do THIS in an Audition”

A casting director gives you another portion of tips to prepare for an audition. Make sure you watch it before your next audition.

Watch the full video here


29. TipsOnActing
“Tips On Acting | Why Most Actors Fail”

In this video Amy shares her experience of becoming an actress and if you don’t want to destroy your career, then this video is for you.

Watch the full video here


30. Hotel Paranoia
“Acting in film; A Master Class – Acting in Film Master Class – By Michael Caine”

In this one hour long master class by a genius Michael Kane, you will learn hundreds of tips about how to be a good actor. It’s a must watch even for those you think they are already good enough in acting.

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